Recreated and re-envisioned industry and social media favorite memes produced for animated story telling as Creative Director at web3 startup. 
Pepe's were used in visual story telling as the product user, party people, and one once as a bad actor who had gotten into the protocol and needed to be removed and taken by the police after the compliancy committee came consensus. 
The extremely versatile meme seems almost immortal. Once attempted to be claimed by far-right extremists, the internet's favorite anthropomorphic frog with a humanoid body has stood the test of time and seems to deserve his freedom. No one tells Pepe what to do. 
I got a bit tired of drawing him from time to time until I started experimenting with derpy looking or well dressed Pepe's. I also built a "Pepe maker machine" stocked with different expressions, clothing, and accessories. 
Below are a handful of our best Pepe heads or Pepe's with torsos. 
Keep your eyes peeled for another entry contain exclusively Pepe's who dress on trend, or try.