Consider for a moment the oddity that is vinyl music. What seemed a fad in my youth has only continued to grow, and even pass down to generations who never had tangible music of any kind. 
For some it is a mix of market research and investment strategy; but they just want the cash sale after an increase in value. 
To some it is having something tangible in a digital world that isn't an NFT on your phone. This doesn't explain our younger generation's continued interest. 
Most often collectors attribute their love to that slightly rough or velvet sound. Not distracting. Nostalgic, for some. But let's be clear, this is imperfect and not what the audio producers were intentionally including. 
Still, listers seek out records for the magic that comes with that subtle imperfection. Artists have taken note and print more records. Google vinyl sales by year to be shocked. In the past 5 years we doubled the 10 million sales. And 2012 was the first time sales broke 5 million. It is a CRAZE. 
And thus a trend that should be considered and can be tapped into if you think conceptually. 
My point — that is similar to why these animated padlocks that were done one frame at a time completely shut down the versions made in After Effects that were either too smooth, or perfect, or became tedious when attempting to mimic the natural feel of the frame animations. 
This came as a surprise to CEO and communications lead as much as myself. FYI there are 100+ hand drawn and edited frames in each animation here. They each took entire day's worth of dead focus each. 
Tedious, but rewarding. 
In the end, it is Powerful design that people remember you. So break traditional molds, just like these with their inherent vintage feel reminiscent of the forever-cool immortal vinyl culture.