What makes brand messaging memorable? Concise is king. 
When it comes to remembering most anything, keep it concise and say it three different ways. The former of which is a tactic perfectly illustrated by this piece. 
A cliche but still powerful proverb fits well here, "a picture speaks a thousand words" — or my personal go-to, "Please turn on your video for calls with me if you can. My eyebrows speak more than my mouth does." 
Similarly, effective interpersonal communication is reliant on SEEING another human's face, The face is so ingrained in our brain that our eyes see them everywhere. That's what happens when your ancestors used exclusively body language to communicate for 10,000 years before ever getting to a structured, common spoken language. 
That is the concept, the universal truth, the padlock was out to capture. 
One more historical behavior we can learn from here. When we look back to early humanity, pictograms were used to express spoken word for at least 3,000 years before any shared written language existed. Some argue it is closer to tens of thousands of years before writing. Their ancient images might have eroded, but more pertinently, it feels incredibly arrogant to imagine our earliest ancestors walking upright using vines from trees, finding and then making tools, but not taking a moment to attempt to duplicate what they're seeing using their finger in the dirt below them. I don't buy it. We're programmed for curiosity and social bonds. But I am not a zoologist. I'll leave the debate to them.
In fact, the answer seems a bit moot, given no answer would diminish the incredible value early civilizations would have found from using simple drawings that could quite possibly convey an entire conversation or an update from across the continent. 
Back to our point! 
Let's compare. Padlock illustration vs. a "brief" explanation of web3 privacy startup values. 
1. Padlock: (see images below) 
2. Written word: Our aim is to keep privacy a core value throughout the collective industries development of the next generation of internet, web3. 
And that, my friends, is my this Creative Director works on projects IMAGE-FIRST. As much as I love the tedious nuances of copywriting, no writing will ever truly compare.